When You Can't Wait for Tomorrow
When You Can't Wait for Tomorrow - cover

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released on 08.21.07 - run time: 55:20
01 Find a Friend (5:31)
02 You Know (5:08)
03 Even If (6:46)
04 Another Love Song (2:49)
05 I Will Stay (3:27)
06 Everything to Say (4:46)
07 Seventeen (4:19)
08 Innocence (4:01)
09 The Unheard Voice (I Need You) (5:26)
10 Is There Anyone For Me (2:17)
11 February (3:45)
12 Whether or Not (6:50)

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Produced, Mixed, Recorded and Engineered by Tom Wehrle at Milkshake Studios, Saint Peters, Missouri
Additional help recording random vocals and acoustic guitars: David Wehrle & John Wehrle
Mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound, New York, New York
Art Direction & Design by Jay Smith at Juice Box Designs, Nashville, Tennessee
Artist Photography: John Wehrle

So here it is. Project number three. Some like to read and find out how I recorded it and what my thoughts were on certain things, so that's what this is. If you'd like to just read the lyrics and why the songs were written scroll down :) Anyways, my production idea for this CD was different then previous ones, I wanted to keep things simple...less is more. Many people don't realize it, but a lot of todays cds coming out have all sorts of sampled sounds in them, from drums, electric guitar, pianos, etc. On my last cd it was more poppy, and I used loops and things like that, but on this project, I wanted to stay away from all of that and make a more natural recording. So on this project, you're not hearing anything like that to make it sound better, the drums are the real drum sounds, as well as the rest of the instruments. I had originally spoken to someone and was gonna have a quartet play the string parts I had for these songs, but it fell through. But if you're listening and noticing a lot of string arrangements, that's why...one day though, it's gonna happen, and I can't wait, as you can tell, I love strings and arranging those parts. Anyways, one of my other goals was to make this a more "piano" based album, as I consider myself more of a piano player then a guitarist. On the last project I had a hard drive die...on this one, 2 computers, haha...but, no data was lost on any hard drives, so that was good. This project started being recorded back on December 11th and 12th when Drew Bailey came and recorded drums on about 14 different songs, and there were actually 2 more songs beyond that that got scratched. Needless to say, I had a lot to choose from. A lot of the electric guitars that Dan played on were recorded early in January using 4 different amps, 2 Top Hats, a Fender, then my Ampeg. Very few pedals were used, but for distortion I used a Crowther Hot Cake, sometimes a Zvex Hard On, and then delay was normally my DL4 and a few times my POD XT Floor (just on mixdown for delay, no amp modeling), if you'd like to read more about how the drums were recorded go here (you may have to sign up to read, but its a good site, don't fret). I love this cd though and the way it sounds, of course I'm picky, but I wish I could change some of the mixes a little here and there as I don't think I'm the greatest at doing that, haha, hopefully though, one of these days I can pay someone really good to do it. More importantly, I hope the songs are good songs in and of themself more so then being recorded amazingly well. Enjoy...

Find a Friend (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle & Dan Smith

The first part of this song was written a few years ago, and the part I wrote first was the ending. When starting to write for this project, I started with this song. I couldn't come up with what I wanted to say on the verses and part of the chorus's so Dan Smith helped re-write what I had and finished it off perfectly. My idea for this lyric came from the old saying "a friend in need is a friend indeed" - which is something I found to be very true after my motorcylce accident in May of 2006, so I wanted to write something with an encouraging tone because so many are out there looking and searching, for just a friend...

When the world has brought you down
And it seems hope is bound
Hold on tight, you'll be alright
You'll find a friend

When your days are filled with clouds
And the nights have washed you out
Don't be afraid, you'll be ok
You'll find a friend

There's nothing you can say
That can take the past away
But I've seen the best of you and I know
It's only time until you find a friend

Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose
And all you have will never do
I don't how you got that down
But you'll find a friend

I know it's only time until you find a friend

Tom Wehrle - piano - keyboards
Dan Smith - electric guitars
James Murray - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

You Know (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle

This song was inspired by a girl who was living her life doing things she knew she shouldn't have been. She knew better, life is to short to be spending your time doing things that ya know ya shouldn't be wasting your time on. The intro of this is kinda hidden, I debated putting this song first, because the intro is suited for it. I remember when I first tried to play this for Dan, I was wanting him to help me with the lyrics, but as soon as I started playing it he was like "whoa, hold on, what are the chords" - it was funny. Needless to say, I had to finish this song by myself, pretty much when laying down the lead vocal, the 2nd verse was killer haha. Also, Drew layed this track down in his 2nd take, it should have been his first take, but I didnt hit record. See, normally the way we worked on all these songs was he'd listen through the first time seeing what he came up with, and getting a feel for all the transistions, but he picked up on this one like he had heard it already or something.

I hate to be the one who tells you everything
You know, already know
You're walking in the dark, and you're losing your heart
I know, cause it shows

Come home tonight
Run every red light that ya find

It's time to go, it's time to roll
This road we walk is narrow
So please show that you know
Our time is dear, our time is near
So please don't waste your years
When you know
You know

Life isn't stealing all of your feelings
No you've grown cold
It's never too late, to turn past that page
That you hold, on your own

Tom Wehrle - piano - keyboards - vocals
Dan Smith - electric guitars
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

Even If (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle

This is one of my favs on the project. I wrote this pretty quick one afternoon. From the way I see it, in our current modern day and age, people don't believe in absolute truths any longer, everything is relative and based on a feeling...

You say nothing's wrong
Live your life with no rules
Everything is justified
Because you feel it's alright
But I know enough to say
Love has come to save
The poor, the rich, the proud
Only love can save you now, even if...

You run in circles
Counting people pass you by
Wandering near and far
To find who you think you are

I know life's too much
When you still believe in things like luck
So hang in there
Soon you'll see, that I'm right there
To be your guide
And hold you through these times, even if...

So don't be afraid
Cause love has come to save, even if...

Tom Wehrle - piano - keyboards - acoustic & electric guitars - vocals
Dan Smith - electric guitars
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

Another Love Song (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle

This is by far the most poppy track on the cd. I came up with the guitar rift just messing around, and played it once while doing a sound check for a gig. Then my brother John later asked what I was playing before and how he thought it was cool. So I had this cool guitar thingy, but no idea in the world what to write about. Then a friend was telling me how much they thought there life sucked, so this idea was born. People need human touch. I remember learning about this awhile ago. But after I wrote this song, I read an article on the top of the news one day about how nurses had found that little babies after born did so much better (if they had some sort of complication), if the nurses would actually just touch them. Needless to say, I think when someone is "to far gone" (or so you think), they don't need someone telling them with words how much they are loved, but in reality they need an action that speaks louder...

You've got this feeling sound
Where everything brings ya down
I'd like to try and take a chance
To tell you it's not happenstance
That I love you, cause ya know it's true, but...

You dont need another love song
To tell you how far you're gone
You just need someone to hug ya and say everything's ok

Some days will go to fast
And some you'll wish you never had
And I know sometimes it's hard to see
When you compare your life to that of the movies
Cause ya know it's true, that I love you, but...

Yeah, you don't need a million dollars
To try and change your current weather
You just need someone to hug ya and say everything's ok

I hope ya know that there's a calm after every storm
I hope ya see that it's about to break and there's nothing to morn
And that thorn I swear it won't hurt anymore

Yeah, you don't need a super hero
To change you to a one from a zero
You just need someone to hug ya and say everything's ok

Tom Wehrle - keyboard - acoustic & electric guitars
Dan Smith - electric guitars
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

I Will Stay (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle

This song I wrote rather quickly on Nov 29th and tweaked/finished it on 30th (of 2006). I remember Dan had told me his daughter was born, oddly enough, I tried to place my feet in his shoes and what I'd wanna say to my baby daughter...and this was it. When I played this song for my sister Heather, she was saying how this could be the ultimate wedding song if I wrote another verse. I quickly informed her I wasn't trying to write "the perfect wedding song". Not that I'd mind what people used it for, that just wasn't where I wanted to go with this, I wanted to keep it short and simple. From the little I know in life, it seems it's hard to find people who stay through thick and thin...

Sometimes the sun shines
And lights your face to make your day
Oh but someday clouds will stay
And steal the light of joy in life

So I'll stay through your disdain
I'll be your strength
When you can't hold on
I'll hold you through
Your deepest fear
I'll hold your tears
When you need someone
I will stay

If you ever need someone
I will stay

Tom Wehrle - keyboards
Dan Smith - electric guitars
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

Everything to Say (chord chart)
Written by Dan Smith & Tom Wehrle

Dan actually wrote most of this song years and years ago. He wrote it for his grandmother who was passing away. I helped him record a demo version of the song years ago, and I always found myself listening to it because I loved it so much. So I asked him if I could record it and change it a little here and there, and he said yes of course. I have a problem of getting the line "I wish that all of life was slow..." stuck in my head cause it's so true...Dan is a genius :)

I will sit down next to you
And speak with you here while you lie
Wish I had more time those days
To tell you of my life

But I've got as much time as you have left

Glad you lived your whole life for
Knowing you didn't waste
The potential you had to smile a lot
Even through those times we faced

I know you think that I don't care
About your needs enough
I know you love me anyway
But that's not the point I make
I wish that all of life was slow
So I could listen to you
Even though I'm letting go

It's always good to see your face
With it's warming lucent glow
I pray and hope to see it more
And you'd like to see the snow

But you've got as much time as God permits

Now I will sit down next to you
And shed your peaceful life
Go ahead and sleep and I'll be here
As your heart and soul take flight

I wish that all of life was slow
So I could of listened to you
Even though I'd let you go

Tom Wehrle - keyboard - percussion - vocals
Dan Smith - acoustic & electric guitars - bgvs
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

Seventeen (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle

I orginally was writing this song about myself. The first verse was "I am anti social, some say depressed..." but I changed it up when the rest of the song didn't apply, haha. No joke. The chorus lyric I had didn't fit, so I was like, this is gonna have to be a fictious story. I love the way this song ended up. Eric Van Dyne had graciously allowed me to borrow some amazing guiatar equipment (some Top Hat amps and a Strat for the guitar stuff on February) for this project. So I felt like he defanetly needed to play on a song and this would be a perfect song for him, and sure enough, what he came up with is awesome. I absolutly love the bridge on this song, musicaly and lyrically, it's one of favorite parts of the cd as well. This is the only song I used my JP8k on too through the Kaoss Pad...

She is anti social
Some say depressed
Moving in her circles
Lost without rest

She's dreamed upon her dreams
Wanting to be a queen
She's tried everything she says she needs
And she's only seventeen

She is filled with questions
Things she can't find
Looking for a reason to every word and rhyme
With demons on her back
As angels in disguise
She's scared to lose herself in fear of what she'd find

There's more to life then I have ever come to find
The reasons why we fight, we lie and die
Staring into space
In need of God's grace to fill our lives
But still we hide the meaning of it all
As something way to small
For you to find but you gotta try

Tom Wehrle - piano - keyboards - percussion - vocals
Eric Van Dyne - electric guitars
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

Innocence (chord chart)
Written by Dan Smith

I've loved this song for years...since 1998 actually, and I felt it needed to be re-recorded and placed on this project, I didn't write it, Dan Smith did, but I arranged it just a little diffrently. I'm not sure why I love this tune so much (besides it being amazing of course). The lyric "love and time is the best thing people give" has been one of my favs I've heard, and I also love how there is no chorus to the song. I remember when I was recording the guitar with the feedback at the end, and playing with the ibanez analog delay to get it to sound like that, it was fun :)

This story brings back regrets
People I should not have met
And my life, yes I have changed

I sit and wonder of the past
But I know now that can't last
Cause I know that I have left behind those chains

But I wonder if you know
You're the only one I've shown
And the only one I'd ever be ashamed to leave

Wish I'd known you way back then
When my life was not content
With the innocence that young ones need to live

It was all inside my mind
But either way it's still my lie
And love and time is the best thing you give me

And I know you'll do what's said
With nothing hidden in my head
And love and time is the best thing you give me
And love and time is the best thing I give you
And love and time is the best thing people give

For you know there comes a time
When you slow down your life
That's out of line with God
And now you're confronted with
The man who made your face
And you find out your ways
Bring only love and time today

And love and time is the best thing you give me
And love and time is the best thing people give

I give you, you give me love

Tom Wehrle - piano - keyboards - electric guitars
Dan Smith - acoustic & electric guitars
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

The Unheard Voice (I Need You) (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle

I'm gonna try to explain how this song was written, but I know it's gonna sound weird. I came up with the piano melody and music basically when sitting down at a piano at a gig I had last year at Cameron Univ. Normally I have a digital keyboard, but there's nothing like a real piano. Needless to say, the main melody I just played, and as soon as I did, I loved it. It immediatly reminded me of someone...see, there was a girl who had contacted me on myspace after Room to Dream came out. I quickly learned she had tried to take her own life, so allowed her to download my cd for free because I felt she needed to hear the song Hold on Tonight. Needless to say, we spoke from time to time, and one day I learned why she had tried to take her life...she had cancer and was dying. I couldn't imagine being 17 and going through what she was, but she seem to be pretty positive about it and her outlook. Well, as it turns out, I hadn't heard from her in awhile, so I wrote her and quickly learned that a friend of hers was writing me back and not her to tell me she had passed away. So when I first played this little thing I came up with on piano, it reminded me of her because how sad, but beautiful it sounded. I then debated on what to write for a lyric, and for some reason, I felt that it needed to be from the perspective of "the unheard voice" of a unborn child inside its mothers womb, and the mother contemplating abortion. One of the highlights of the cd for me is the ending of this song and what Matt Kelly played on guitar, whenever I hear it, I have to rewind it and listen to it a few times...

Woke up today and heard them say
It's time you choose
Save a life or let me die
And you're lost with what to do

To let them in, under your skin
But I'm here

And I'm in love
With everything I've seen
And you're enough
To give me everything that I need
Cause I see, I need you

I have no voice, when you make the choice
That you don't want me here
Cause I'd love to stay, to see your face
And wipe away your fears

So don't let them in, under your skin
Cause I'm here

Tom Wehrle - keyboards - acoustic & electric guitars
Matt Kelly - electric guitars
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

Is There Anyone for Me (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle

I came up with the verse, chorus & ending of this easily, but it seemed way to simple and needed another dynamic I thought. So I tried to get my sister Heather to write something for it, but there 1 catch...she had to do it within a week because I had to have everything done with this project to get it mastered by a certain date, etc. Anyways, she never came up with anything...so one night while literally trying to go to bed, I couldn't get a melody out of my head...needless to say, I got out of bed and that melody is now the bridge. Since I was awake and decided to record it really fast, so I wouldn't forget it...and that's what ya now hear, except the lead vocal I redid parts of it.

I look around and see
Everyone with someone but me
So darling, if you hear me
Come quickly and stop me from asking

Is there anyone for me
To come and make my life complete
Please forgive me
Please forgive me for wondering
Is there anyone for me

Cause everyone I know
Wants to see me go
But never alone
I would love it too
If I could find you
But will I ever find you

As I lay me down
I take that look now
And pray that I'll be found

Tom Wehrle - keyboards - acoustic guitars - percussion

February (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle

This is actually the first song I wrote all by myself, and I wrote it back on the very last day February in 1998. I was over at Drew Baileys place with Dan Smith and made a comment about how the month had been like a roller coaster, the good, the bad...but how tomorrow was going to be March. Dan quickly said how what I just said would be a good song, so that night, I did just that. I made it a song. Dan was in his senior year of high school that year, and he played this song for his talent show on piano and sang it, and won! Haha...I think he got like 50 bucks or something. This song was previously recorded for a band I was in with Drew and Dan at that time, but this version is much better, trust me. I'd occaisonally do this song during a song check or something, and I'd hear people say how catchy it was, and then sometimes do it live and people would ask how they could buy it...so, I figurred I'd try and re-record it and see how it fit. I liked it as you can see :)

February has had its ups and down
But March will be around
Will it be ok, will it be alright
I wanna know tonight

Spring forward, fall back, they say it so sad
Will you be ok, will you be alright
They try to make you cry, so say...

Goodbye to all the lonely nights
You've had in February
Goodnight sweet lies

Dear April, bring me everything I'm looking for
The flowers in your eyes, the raindrops on my face
They look like tears no more, and I'll be singing...

You tell me everything I've heard before
All your little stories
No one believes anymore
Oh sweet lies

You will hear me sing, this song one more time
Every time I hear you cry, I'll be singing...

Goodnight, goodbye sweet lies

Tom Wehrle - piano - percussion
Dan Smith - acoustic & electric guitars - bgvs
Phill Grooms - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

Whether or Not (chord chart)
Written by Tom Wehrle & Dan Smith

This song was kinda written like the first song. The ending Dan came up with years ago while sitting at a piano. I played him an idea for a song, and he came with this part for it, but no lyric or anything, but the piano melody was so pretty I remembered it. Well, then sometime in the summer of 2006 I wrote this song, but I quickly pieced in Dan's part and the only lyric I could think of to finish off what I wanted to say was "you're beautiful". The main idea for this song was just turning on the radio and be frustrated that everything I heard was the same. I felt that none of the songs told people how they were loved, and special. Which is something I believe. When I recorded all the vocals for this project, I saved this one for the very end, cause I knew I wanted it to be the last song. Well after I finished it, when listening back it didn't seem complete, it still lacked soemthing. So I listened to it over and over trying to figure out what I could do to the ending. I'm not a big background vocals/harmony guy, and knew this song defanetly didn't need that, but I figured out a way to tie back in the "see, hear, feel, know" lyric...and when I did, I knew that was what it was missing. My mom recently asked me what was my favorite song on this cd, and I quickly answered "whether or not". I even debated making this the first track since it's my favorite, but felt it was the perfect ending to the cd...the promise...thus the rainbow pic in the booklet.

Everyone is singing the same songs
But come on now, life's not like that
I'd hate to play or sing along
And you to never know you're intact

Cause you are special in your own right
I really believe that everyone is special

Whether you see it, whether you hear it or not
Whether you feel it, whether you know it or not

The story of our lives goes on
Not always the way or how we intend
So I pray that you will be strong
Hang on to the end

Cause you are loved beyond measure
I really believe that everyone is loved

You can see it, you can hear it
You can feel it, you can know it if you trust

You're beautiful

Tom Wehrle - keyboards - acoustic guitar
Dan Smith - electric guitars
James Murray - bass
Drew Bailey - drums

All songs 2007 Shakin' the Music / ASCAP
All rights reserved. Used by permission.